Road Trippin'

It's summer time (almost)! School is out and the weather is beautiful! It's time for some long drives to new places--well, maybe not new, maybe it's just home.

I'm hitting the road back and forth to Texas this summer and I'm going to need some tunes to help the time fly by. In gearing up for all this driving back and forth, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite playlists  along the way. I'm new to Spotify (shocking, I know) so we're just going to give it a shot and see what happens. 

Really you can't take a road trip, even one you've done hundred of times before, without having some sort of soundtrack to match it. I'm a Texas girl at heart so of course my music roots include country music. It's the first type of station I'll find on the road and my most favorite to listen to and it's always playing in my car. 

First up for trip, a whole soundtrack dedicated to some of my favorite female country artists. Every song that's made me love the drive, feel the wind in my hair and belt out for my lonely audience of moi, I put it in here. I solicited my mom and sister to send me their favorites from our road trips past. There's a little old and a little new with a nice rise and fall to match the drive: Super pumped to start followed by the lull of mid-way point and then we're taking it home with a few more faster paced ones. 

Too much detail? Maybe. Not a country fan? Probably not for you. Interested in just trying it out? Be my guest! For your enjoyment,

Country Road Trip: All the Ladies! 

What's the song you have to have play on your road trips?