Round Up

Nothing like a good weekend to make you think of all the wonderful things in your world! 

Thankful Thoughts # 4, 5, and 6

4. I'm grateful for delicious starts to the day with sweet friends...

and days ending with loving family and amazing Moscow mules. Now I need to my own cup and some of that delicious ginger beer! 

5. Trips may be quick, but I can't help but be thankful for the time I get with family. An early morning breakfast, a fun day trip, and a lot of laughing--I'll take a Saturday like this any day! 

6. I've got the right to vote and I'm glad I got to exercise that as an early voter this last week. I feel really lucky to be a woman who has a voice, a choice to love who she wants, be who she wants to be, and vote for who I want to vote for. Make sure you use your right this election season. Whatever your stance, get out there and vote on Tuesday.

What are some of your thankful thoughts from the weekend?