Settling In

Tennis shoes in the living room, a pair of jeans on the back of a chair, a Dr. Pepper can by the sink, and a hat on the kitchen table. Normally these little droppings might bother me, but these days I'm just happy to see evidence that I've got my man back in the house. I don't think there's anything right now that could make me happier than seeing him settling back into our home.

He's all unpacked and taken over the "man cave" with books and papers and things. He's getting his own rhythm set for the semester and we've found a nice routine together, too. Every night we have dinner together with just enough time to watch one episode of "Narcos". After that, an early bedtime before we rise to do it all again.

I've said "together" more times than I really want to count, but let's be real for a second, being in the same place at the same time within inches of each other is something I've been waiting to happen for way too long. Indulge me a little here. I'm happy our long distance is so freaking over!

Sure, it sounds pretty simple and far less exciting than most. Right now, though, this is my little piece of heaven on earth.  I'll enjoy those little annoyances and our simple married routine for as long as possible because every time I missed him, I wished I had reminders around the house and simple dinners on couch with him.  

What says "home" to you? What makes it feel like your home is complete and your heart full and happy?