Sister, Sister, Sister Time!

This last weekend my Big Sister came into town for a quick trip! I always enjoy spending time with her and I adore her little munchkins to no end--my little niece has been bitten by the dance bug and I can't help but love that about her. My mom and I went in on dance lessons for her last year and this year and it's a gift I'm happy to pass on. 

What was I talking about?

Oh, right! My sister coming to town! Well, in any case this was a more special trip because was just Big Sister, not kiddos in tow. That kind of visit is really rare and I enjoyed every minute! I took her to Empire Slice House for a giant New York thin sliced dinner, complete with fresh salad and red wine. We hopped over to Pie Junkie--a  must if you come to OKC ever--and enjoyed taste testing four different kinds of a pie.

A big breakfast the next day with Pyro Man topped off the trip before she had to whisk back to Texas. Short, but definitely sweet. I can't wait for her to come back again! 

Yes, in about every picture you see I'm donning that super cheesy grin. It's because I'm so happy to have my super cool Big Sister up here! 

Got any siblings you love spending time with? What's your favorite thing to do together?