Spring Break Tunes!

It's officially Spring Break! It always seems like forever until this one week of heaven shows up and I am ALWAYS happy to see it come! 

We opened and closed our spring show last week--what a whirlwind and what a wonderful joy it was! I'm so lucky to work in a department that let's me explore my creative ideas on stage. Each year and each show I continue to grow and fine tune my process and every time I say a piece is my favorite only to find it trumped by the next one. But in all honesty, my absolute favorite most dreamy piece I've created to date was my spectacular "Fireflies" piece. It will always feel like magic to me and I hope to goodness I can reset it again someday! 

This Monday is a slow start for me. I slept in until 10:00--who am I?--had a late breakfast, took care of some adulting to-do's and now it's laundry and a little work. I know, working the first day of break but I've got to get a few things done to enjoy the rest of the week. 

Lately I've been turning off the podcasts and turning up the tunes. Thanks to my pal, Elizabeth from Loops & Belles, I've been living for her special playlist these days! I thought I'd whip up my own for all my driving and road tripping this break (And yes, Elizabeth, I stole some of my favorite songs off yours because they made me so happy!)! 

If you're hitting the road or coasting on a plane this week maybe these songs will bring you some vacation jams, too! 

Happy Spring Break, Y'all! 

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to in the car? Best album for a road trip? How about the song that makes you dance around the house? Share and comment below!