Is-Knit This Dress Great?

Love a good t-shirt dress. Even better, I love this simple gray one. 

Why you ask? Because I made it! That's right folks, I concurred this easy-sew McCall's pattern and I lived to tell the tale and wear it proudly. Knits, you don't scare me any more. 

But really, I made this dress pattern my mission to start and finish over Spring Break and happily, I did! 

It was my first knit pattern and even with a few hiccups, I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'm starting to get the hang of this sewing stuff! 

The fabric is just a lightweight t-shirt material--I wanted to start off with something less expensive because I knew there would be problems. In fact, the material was cut incorrectly so I spent quite a bit of time laying out the pattern trying to fix the issue so the dress wouldn't be twisted. 

Like my material weights? That's called "being resourceful," people. 

If I'd been paying attention earlier, I would have had it re-cut, but I washed the material before checking. Lesson #1 learned! 

I still think a serger would have made a huge difference in putting this sucker together, but Lesson #2, I learned a zig-zag stitch would have been an alternative choice. Good to know since I plan on tackling this option again! 

I'm just a novice with this stuff, but each time I attempt another project, I get better at it and that's really the only way I'm going to get better. My ideas for projects keep growing and I eventually want to get good enough that I can tackle those complicated ideas or at least can sit down and knock out a project in an afternoon. 

Still, I'm pretty proud of this little t-shirt dress here. Is-knit it just the greatest? 

What projects are you tackling lately?