Spring Time Gift

Ah, spring time! My favorite time of year! I do love a good fall day and all that comes with it, but there's something about spring. It's a time to refresh and begin again! Flowers are everywhere and the weather warms up beautifully! That is, unless you've been living in the north east and then you're been enduring some serious winter snow lately. Sorry, y'all! 

Yep, spring time is definitely my favorite time of year. Then again, it's also one of the busier times, too. We just got out of our week long spring break and are back at it again and dear readers, it does not slow down one bit between now and May! Even though I know every spring is like this, I was still in a bit of slump this week feeling as though I'm not retaining anything. It's going so fast! 

While my to-do list is long and it's packed with many things that take time, there's something that keeps sneaking into my day to day and sucking away time. On top of that, it's teaching me to whizz through things that I normally savor like reading a good article and taking time to study and look at something. If you guessed social media, you would be correct!

Sometimes I can't believe how sucked I get into staring at a screen and how much I use it as an escape or reward myself with it as a break. It bothered me so much I decided to see how I do with a few changes this week: 

1. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. I don't really use Facebook so much as scroll and honestly, I much prefer Instagram. If I'm mindlessly scrolling on something I don't use or care for, why do I still have it? Out goes the app and the temptation to waste away a good ten minutes multiple times a day. 

2. Phone stays stored when I'm busy. If I'm working, it can live in out of sight. I don't need to carry it with me to every room in the house and I definitely don't need it in my hand all the time. It just needs to be near by and ready to pick up a call or make a call, that's all I really need. 

3. I'm going to make a conscious effort for checking in. I don't think I'll give up social media 100% any time soon, I do enjoy using it when it's intentional, but I do think setting a timer would help me immensely. No more random check-in's, I'm going to set a specific amount of time to enjoy it and let that be it for the day! 

4. Slow the heck down! When I scroll I truly feel like sometimes my fingers just keep scrolling and my mind is not processing things that I'm seeing or reading. It's like unconsciously eating endless chips and salsa--consuming copious amounts of material without even realizing how much I inhaled just leaves me feeling way too full and in disbelief. "What do you mean I ate three baskets of chips?!" I have no clue what I saw or what it said, butI looked at it...I think. Nope. No more. I don't like that habit and I don't like that I can feel skimming creeping into other parts of my life. Nope, nope, nope. Time to start reading and slowing down--there's no rush or need to see it all! 

I'm giving myself a week to try these things and see how I do. Forming habits takes more time but I think baby steps is what I need right now because good grief, this habit has been practiced for way too long now. 

I love getting to read people posts and see everyone's life through pictures, but when I do it multiple times a day, it's too much. Then my subconcious is telling me checking in on other people's life is more important than living my own. I don't believe that's my intention but I find I'm losing time I would rather spend on doing things that bring me joy or working towards my goal or dreaming up my next step all because I'm constantly checking in. 

It's time to get my time back. Perhaps less little interruptions will add up to a whole lot more time spent savoring what's not on my to-do list! 

Does social media steal away your time, too? What are you tips and tricks?