My mother is a wiz with the sewing machine. It's amazing what she's created and I've bragged on her skills here before. For my 23rd birthday she gifted me with my first sewing machine,

One of my most favorite birthdays ever! 

One of my most favorite birthdays ever! 

It took me a while - read: 2 years - before I actually figured out how to use the thing. My first project? A Halloween apron. It. Was. A. Struggle. But I made it through, finished the darn thing and proudly sported it, mistakes and all 

I made a series of Christmas aprons for close family and friends after that and ventured into making pajama pants for Pyro Man, flames of course, and a pair for me...that need some fixing. Still. 

It's try, try, try again process. Of course I don't always want to do something simple. I want to do things that have complicated patterns and patterns sometimes are about mirroring and flipping in the brain. That's what really gets me. I can perfect the skills on the machine (I think), but it's the brain games that get me all twisted up. 

This past spring I spent time looking at patterns--I have a small growing collection I need to seriously get started on...I found a kimono pattern I was dying to make. How hard can it be? Well, not that hard, but it took us a little bit...

 I even thought we'd turn it into a video so I tried documenting the process. 

The video didn't happen but I got this great moment of exploring camera work. Mom is CLEARLY fine with this whole video thing. PS--trying to film while creating a project makes it a project in a project. I'm learning just how much time it takes to do that and have even more respect for bloggers and their "simple" posting. Sheesh. This is hard stuff! 

In any case, we cut, pieced and got about half way through before we took about a 5 month hiatus. BUT we finally finished it and I'm so, so please with the result!

Could I have done it on my own? Maybe but it helps to have an expert there to cheer you on, answer questions, and help direct a new skill. This partner project certainly wouldn't have been complete without help from sewing extraordinaire, Mom! 

Of course it's a personal accomplishment to finish a project and feel good enough to wear it out in public. It doesn't hurt when people compliment the piece genuinely without realizing it's your own work! Kimono for the win! 

Thankful Thought #3

I'm grateful for a mother who is willing to teach me how to me new skills and pass on her knowledge of sewing! Can't forget that she's patient enough to stick it out after months on pause!