No Substitute

Yesterday I got to sub one of my favorite classes, a beyond basic adult ballet class. Y'all. I seriously love teaching these kids. They're musical theater and theater students who love performing, want to succeed and grow as performers and just have a hunger to get there. I love giving them combos, watching their minds work as they figure out how to move as dancers and execute each movement just so. 

I was a young teen when I really started focusing in on ballet technique and I was taking it all in. I got it, I understood how my body needed to work and how to get it to do what I needed it to in order to get better. That older focus helped me so much as a teacher because I understand these adults who walk in going, "How do I do this?" There's never a doubt in my mind that I can't help them grow and watch them get stronger. Plus, I have a blast genuinely and in turn those students lighten and have an amazing time working! 

It's just such a treat for me to work with me and these classes are hands down my favorite. It gave me all the feels on a Monday! 

Photo by Simon Hurst Photography

Photo by Simon Hurst Photography

Thankful Thought #7 and #8

7. My schedule doesn't have too many dance classes on the docket this semester--more lecture than anything--and while I thought I wouldn't mind the pull back on physical classes, I miss teaching my technique classes. I'm grateful I got to pop into a class where I could move, dance, and teach one of my favorite styles to some awesome students! 

8. I'm so glad I still do this little blog. I've been writing in my little corners of the world for seven years now--yeah, I still want this sucker to turn into something and I'm trying to figure that out in my spare time (For real though). I love writing and I love sharing. 90% of the time I overthink what to post and what it has to be, who will read this and what parts do I really want out there, but here lately I've been letting go and just challenging myself to write every day, work at it every day. Bottom line, it brings me joy and I'm not going to stop just because my own doubts sometimes muck it up. Hooray for blogging!

Ever continued pursuing something you wanted even when you had doubts? Share with me!