Sugar, Butter, and Flour--Finally!

I have been a huge fan of Waitress ever since the movie preview came out. First of all, Kerry Russell has always been someone I've followed...mainly because of her hair. Second, and most importantly, the story was wonderful. I bought the movie, scoured the internet for pie recipes and read everything I could about it. 

Then the musical came out and I worried it would tank, but thank the heavens, Sara Bareillis did a superb job with her all female creative team! If you haven't listened to the album, you must! So in living in OK and having a time getting myself up to NYC, I've been waiting oh so patiently for the tour to make it's way either here or the DFW area and hooray! IT CAME! 

A couple of weeks ago I drove down to Texas to see it when it passed through Fort Worth. Oh my goodness! I laughed, I cried (about four times), and hummed along every moment of the way. Best part was getting to enjoy the show with Mom and Big Sister!

We got to enjoy a lovely meal together at Taco Diner and then strolled over to get settled in for the show. We couldn't wait to try that famous pie favors they offered only to find there was no pie that night! I tried one of their delicious A La Mode drinks instead and was not disappointed. 

We sat just behind the sound guy and the management kid in me found it really fun. We stayed until the end to hear the last bit of the bows after it was all done. Neat fact, if you haven't seen it, the band was on stage the whole time which just makes the show even more magical. Anyway, after the theater cleared I was able to ask the sound guy why exactly the lovely little cherry pie lit up from time to time. I knew it was for a cue, but which one. 

Ignore that awful blue circle and focus on the pie. 

Ignore that awful blue circle and focus on the pie. 

It signals a loop that's played throughout the show, but what clever way to do the call! I loved the set and every pie that came across that stage. Each one served, placed, and moved about with ease and creativity. The way they told Jenna's pie dreams was fantastic and smart--I just would love to sit with Lorin Latarro, the choreographer. Oh gosh, I just loved every part of it! 

Truly, there wasn't a moment in the show I didn't love or enjoy. The cast was fabulous in telling the story I knew so very well. Just my luck, too, the show is coming through OKC next year and you can be I will back in the theater to laugh, cry, and enjoy every moment again! 

Waitress  (1 of 1).jpg

Until then I'll be baking every pie I can from the Sugar, Butter, Flour cookbook and wearing my new shirt and sweatshirt proudly--that's right, I bought both because I can't remember the last time I've loved a show that much. 

What's a show you've loved seeing time and again?