Sugar, Butter, Flour

The year was 2007, I was home for a bit of the summer and there in the newspaper was a black and white advertisement for the newest Keri Russell movie, "Waitress." I remember looking up the preview and falling in love with the story, the people, and the pie. As soon as it was out on DVD I bought it watched half a million times. 

It was quirky and sweet and heartbreaking and delicious. To me,  it was a beautiful story, that's right, all baked up in a pie. I loved it. 

When the musical came out, I swooned. I've been dying to go up to NYC to see it and weep into a sweet jar of pie. I've worn out the soundtrack and even set a fun piece to the opening song in my pointe class--yes, pointe. And it was darling! 

At one point I had scoured the internet for Bad Baby Pie, Mermaid Pie and others. I'd spent time reading up on how they developed the recipes including the spaghetti pie which apparently did not turn out too good.

Two weeks ago I happened to see that they had indeed released a pie book inspired by "Waitress" and I nearly fell out of my seat. So for my birthday, my sweet mother ordered it for me.  

Behold, all the beauty and deliciousness one needs is in this book. 

I poured over it when it came in last week and I've already made note of each one I want to make. I'll have to seriously to pace myself here. 

It's a beauty and I'm so excited to start working on these incredibly mouthwatering recipes! If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen drooling.