Summer Reading: Book 1

As a kid there were certain things that happened at the start of summertime. One, summer had to be kicked off with an ice cream cone or a shaved ice. Second, a trip to the library for a summer reading list. There was always a program where kids could earn little hamburger coupons to McDonald's depending on how many books you read. In short, reading equaled happy meals.

Well, my love of reading grew over time and earning coupons just wasn't necessary. Reading was an escape, an adventure, a way to visit a whole other world. I  think it's a wonderful way to spend time, but alas, I'm not very good about reading in my free time during the school year. Guess what though? It's summer time, baby, and time to hit the books! 

I just got a library card (don't judge, I just never took the time to get one when I moved back to OKC) and I'm ready to catch up on all the books I've been keeping on a list! My goal every summer is to read ten books. Some years I hit it, some years I don't. Doesn't matter because I still get to enjoy the gift of a book! 

First up this season, The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica MorganIf you like Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge,  and are anywhere remotely interested in her romance with Prince William, then you'll be guaranteed to enjoy the book. If nothing about the royal couple intrigues you, better steer clear of this one then! 

I first heard about the novel last summer while listening to a podcast on one of my many road trips that season. I was completely enamored with the story mainly because I think the Duchess of Cambridge is the epitome of classy. I've been waiting for the chance to sit down and devour this fictional royal love affair. 

They Royal We takes you through the relationship of American girl, Rebecca "Bex" and her real life prince charming, Nick. It's an easy read, completely fictional, but the authors have done a great job trying to immerse you in what they imagined dating a royal would be like. There's love, drama, and all the other good things a clean royal romance would need. In short, a fun summer read if you're the type of person to wake up an absurdly early time just to watch the Royal Wedding and weep through the entire ceremony. 

Thanks, Amazon, for the pic! 

Happy reading! 

What's something you've got your nose stuck in currently?