PB and Hey!

Well, I'm trying really hard to reduce my sugar intake these days. Note I didn't say quit sugar, I'm only human, folks. I'm trying really, really hard to make those treats take place only when I really, really want one. And when I have one, they have to be three things: really enjoyable, delicious, and something I can savor and enjoy. 

Last week I had a hankering for something sweet . Nothing in particular, just something tasty, soft, warm, like a cookie or a cupcake. Problem is if you whip up a batch you have leftovers...I know it's probably hard to see this issue there, but trust me, having temptation in this is house right now is not helpful to all the work I'm doing right now! 

So I opted for a quick easy mug cake. There's a million recipes out there and some are super easy and some a little more complicated. Lucky for me, I found a PEANUT BUTTER one that I kept tweaking to make perfect for moi! 

It's the same type of recipe I do for my peanut butter cookies except it's just one mug of peanut butter goodness. Can't beat that, really. So without further ado, I give you...

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The Peanut Butter & Hey Mug Cake

For every peanut butter loving person whose needing a sugar fix without any lingering tempting morsels in the kitchen.  

3 tbls of peanut butter

1 egg

1-1/2 tbls of sugar

1/4 tsp of vanilla

1 tbls of chocolate chips

In a tall mug, mix the PB, egg, sugar and vanilla really well. Just beat it...(beat it)...beat it....(beat it)...

Toss the chips in and mix up. You want to make sure that egg gets beat in there really well so you don't have scrambled egg hidden in your cake. I know, that'd would ruin the whole experience right there. 

Throw a few chocolate chips on top and the option of a little sugar sprinkle, too. Pop into the microwave for 1:00 - 1:15. You want to make sure the bottom part is done so check with fork down the side or a long cake tester. Always better to check at the minute mark first! 

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If you ask me, I think it's delicious. The cake isn't overly sugary but it still hits the spot for something with some sweet. I also feel like it's made for peanut butter lovers like myself. Like I mentioned before, this recipe is so close to the recipe I use for PB cookies which is more than likely why I love it. It's just the cookie in cake form. What's not to love?

Easy recipe + peanut butter + cake result = Happy Life

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Got a favorite quick sugar fix? What's your go-to dessert?