Happy November!

Welcome to one of the best months around! I adore the fall season and if that sounds basic, I don’t even care! Halloween is officially over and we can roll right in to one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!

I love it all, the family, the food, the continuance of fall color schemes across tables with beautiful dish ware. And y’all, I love me some gorgeous dishes! Bring it all on, I’m ready!

I don’t think anyone would disagree that dessert is always the best part of the meal and at my mom’s house, it’s truly pie-palooza! I’m already dreaming which slices I’ll be serving up this time around!

Contemplating which pie to try this year…

Contemplating which pie to try this year…

There’s usually apple, a mock-mince meat, pumpkin, pecan, and several others. I’m not kidding y’all. One time we had nine pies. Nine!

Pink Garden  (2 of 11).jpg

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to baking! Thanksgiving is with my folks this year. If I know my mom, I know she’s already prepping the menu and planning the cooking breakdown so it’s not an overwhelming day of non-stop chopping, baking, and whipping. We’ll get to work when we get there!

Speaking of prepping, I’ve been prepping my closet for a the switch over now that we’re really into the fall season in Oklahoma. Sure, we’ve had a few cool fronts come through but now it’s a consistent under 80 degrees each day. That’s cool here, folks. I did a little shopping and starting messing around with old pieces and new, finding ways to spice up pieces I wear regularly.

Pink Garden  (8 of 11).jpg

I’m digging all these pink shades creeping into the fall fashion this season. I paired a cranberry pair of slacks with a cream cami overlaid with my favorite pink sweater and voila! A great fall getup for those warmer fall days.

Pink Garden  (1 of 1).jpg

Between dreams of delicious pies and new fall outfits, I think I’ve got a lot to look forward to this month!

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


Life Lately - Episode 8: And A Busy Month It Was

Whoa, just like that it’s almost Halloween! People, can you believe it?!

Well, to tell you the truth, I certainly can’t, but there you have it. The Great Pumpkin will rise here in a few days and trick-o-treaters will be knocking on the door and I need to think of some Halloween costume or something or other that I can wear to work come Wednesday. Much to do, folks, much to do!

What all can a gal accomplish in a month? Quite a bit, actually, so lets get right down to it and update you on all that’s been going on!

My best friend and college roomie, Karley, came to visit in September and we boogied a night away celebrating a sorority sister’s wedding (Congrats, Vicky!)! It was a perfect weekend full of reunions with beautiful friends!

Karley has this incredible talent for braiding hair and did an awesome braid crown for me and I was thus inspired to finally learn how to do double dutch braids. *See photo below.

I wrapped up three massive pieces for our Christmas show—whew! Now to clean and rehearse for December. Still some work to be done, but everything is on it’s feet for the most part.

We wrapped up and opened the student choreography show which turned out to be a huge knock outta the park this year! Always proud to work on that show and see our students grow so much in the process.

I took a quick trip to Colorado to see my dear, dear friend, Megan, her husband and their brand new sweet baby boy! I flew into a perfect fall day and woke up to a snowy covered world, a perfect first visit to Denver! By the way, the science museum there is way cool and has an awesome dinosaur exhibit!

The last couple weeks has been spent focusing jumping ahead into the midterm to-do’s at work. Pyro Man has been keeping his nose the grindstone studying, I can somewhat remember what his face looks like, but a date night tonight might refresh my memory.

Life feels sometimes like a runaway train and when I get a chance to hop off for a bit, I still feel like I should be spinning my wheels just a go-go-going to keep moving when what I really need to do is relax. I knew back at the very beginning of the year that from July on, life would be one long runaway train until...about Christmas time.

When I saw that, it was easy to get a little bummed knowing that free time would be a rare occurrence. On the flip side though, my schedule would be packed with things that light me up. So free time was light—at least my time would be spent doing things that I found to be fun and with people I really enjoyed being with. Best of all, I got lucky that my free weekends filled up with visits with friends I hadn’t seen in quite literally years.

Yeah, life’s busy, but it always is and that’s just life! In fact, I feel weird when there’s too much downtime and yet, that down time is so necessary to recharge your batteries. You can bet, though, that after a few days off, I’ll find a project of sorts to fill whatever time off I have! The question is whether I really get the chance to finish it or not.

Eh, c’est la vie!


Welcome, Autumn!

Happy first day of fall, y’all!

Here’s to a new season full of good changes, hot cups of cider, many spiced donuts and lots of great boots! Bring on the flannel, crisp morning air, and all the fall leaves we can stand. Welcome, fall! Stick around for a bit and be sure to bring those great fall temps!

I spy with my little eye, a perfect pup…

I spy with my little eye, a perfect pup…


Summer to Fall Changes

Well, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out in full force and so are the Halloween decorations so let's face it, it's practically fall already! Not that I'm complaining! It's just that now is all about trying to balance out that summer heat in the day with the chillier temps in the morning and evening. 

I have the answer to that problem: jean jackets! 

Did someone say PSL? 

Did someone say PSL? 

I'm telling you, throw one of over a summer dress, a t-shirt, button down, whatever, and boom! It all works! I picked this one up several years ago at a Steinmart and I can guarantee you could find one at a T.J. Maxx, Marshalls or Ross if you do a little digging. If not, Gap has one as does Madewell, and Macy's. Search for brands like Old Navy jean jackets on Poshmark or ThreadUp and you might get lucky, too. 

See? Just tickled by the quick fix! 

See? Just tickled by the quick fix! 

I am one of those many ladies that loves the fall season! Yes, I'll admit, I got a PSL the Tuesday they came out and honestly, there's no shame. I've been a pumpkin spice fan way longer than most and definitely before PS was cool. Yup, I love me some pumpkin...but I actually don't care for pumpkin pie. Go figure. 

I just love autumn. I do and probably for a million reasons. The cooler temps, the last whisper of summer as we start to shift over to flannel shirts and mugs of hot cider, not to mention the amount of apples to eat and whip into treats. These fall holidays are always a blast with Halloween jack-o-lanterns and a good spooky movie followed up by gratefulness and thankfulness around the family dinner table at Thanksgiving. 

Orange Dress (27 of 47).jpg

Oklahoma fall season lasts but a hot second so it's fun to paint the months with pops of color in our clothes. Oranges here, scarlets and plums, lot's greens and of course, that beautiful fall gold. Anytime I can match the fall foliage I'm all for it. And if my husband is reading this, he'll probably tell me he's got a camo for that. 

Yes, I do love fall and I could wax poetic about it all over this site. So before I break out the sweaters and such, I'm going to hang on just a bit longer to these warmer days and savor the last of summer!


Fall Greetings

It's fall, y'all! 


As close to fall as we get here in Oklahoma, although, it's certainly more fall than Texas, that's for sure! We've got falling leaves and the temperatures are dropping, too. It's that time of year you leave your house wrapped up for winter and come home stripped down to your skivvies. The weather is ridiculously fickle, but hey! That's fall in OK for ya!

Speaking of fall, it is October, end of the month, really, and I've found myself craving some good ol' Halloween tales. Some spooks. Things that make your brain go "eek!" While I'm not a blood and goop reader, I do enjoy a good suspense story and I found two I really enjoyed: 

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

The Dry by Jane Harper 

I found My Husband's Wife as a recommendation on Pinterest--there's so many book recommendations on there, it's ridiculous, but also very helpful, really. I really enjoyed the journey of the story. Each piece of information you got kept you thinking what would each twist in the plot lead you to next.


The Dry was a Reese Witherspoon recommendation. Not that I know Reese personally, I just happened to read her list on People.com. Yes, I do love to read me some People. Anyway, I devoured this story! Our protagonist is on a quest to find out if his friend really did commit a heinous crime or if it's a cover-up from a secret they both kept from long ago. So. Flipping. Good. Go read it. Seriously. Go. 


And if you want something a little more fantastical, something with a bit of mystery, try The Night Circus  by Erin Morgenstern. I loved it and it totally fueled my creative imagination in a way I really needed. 

I'm on to my next book and hoping to keep the good reads coming. I've been trying to make it a nightly habit to leave the phone on the charger and read rather than scroll. My brain needed some refueling and I'm happy to say I get so much more by activating my imagination with these stories than mindlessly scrolling for the forty eleventh time. 

Oh! One last thing! I've gotten picky about buying books and with as much as I'm trying to read, I just can't go out and buy book after book. I use the OverDrive app and you might want to try it, too! It's your library online! I connect to my local library using my library card, of course, and I check out books for 7 or 14 day periods. I have a wish list that I keep and holds I put on books that I want to read when they come available. It's awesome! Check it out if you haven't tried it yet. 

What books are you reading these days? Any favorite spookers or suspense novels? Share! 

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A Hunting We Will Go

It's the last free weekend Pyro Man and I have together before the holidays kick into high gear. He thought it might be fun to go on a hunting excursion together before we get busy with end of the year stuff. I've got a show, he's got shows, and then there's the holidays so a hunting we will go! 

I'm super excited to sit in the cold. Can't you tell? 

Actually, sitting in the stand with my man has it's perks. I get to spend time with him, share in his interests and occasionally annoy him by being too loud. Hunting is still a new world to me. I may have gone on my first hunt seven years ago, but I've only seen the tip of the ice berg. There's just so much more to learn, but I'm interested.

There's a lot more to hunting than just grabbing your gun and sitting in a stand. What's really cool is that Pyro Man wants to include me in it, too. 

I'm sure I'll get the hang of it all in time. I'm definitely much more comfortable in camo these days, a statement I never thought I'd ever say in my entire life. 

Thankful Thought #19

19. I'm thankful for long underwear on cold, cold mornings in the stand.  I'm not above flannel lined jeans either. Seriously, ain't no reason to sit and shiver if there are layers to be worn, stylish or not! 

What are you guys up to this weekend? 


Friday Five

Hey hey ya'll! It's Friday and it's time to let our hair down! Whoo-hoo!

Only two more work days after today until my favorite holiday but that still leaves six full days until it's turkey lurkey time. Instead of wishing away these last few days, I'll just remind myself of why this holiday really is the bees knees! 

Friday Five

Five Reasons Why Thanksgiving is Amazing

1. The food. Seriously. It's always amazing and there are some pretty good classics I can always count on to on the table. First there's the perfect turkey and dreamy gravy to top it off. Then you've got the traditional cranberry sauce, my favorite. My mother's rice dressing, a nod to her cajun  roots. Oh, and all the pies! Mince Meat! 

2. The table settings. I love seeing all the beautiful table arrangements in magazines with gorgeous flowers and such, but nothing really compares to home. We use a fabulous set of my grandmother's dish ware. Dad's mom, Mother Prebble, had a lot of great sets of dishes, stunning depression ware, but this set is the perfect color for fall, amber!

3. The Macy's Day Parade! I love watching the parade especially if I can watch it while making some Thanksgiving treats. I love watching the Broadway snippets, watching the Rockettes and their eye-high kicks (College dreams live on), and all the amazing balloons. How can you not smile while watching the parade?

4. The OFFICIAL Start of Christmas! Once I see Santa on that sleigh at the end of the parade I'm popping on the Christmas carols and ready to see good ol' George Bailey. To me this is the official kick-off of the holly jolly season! 

5.  The people! We started celebrating the holiday with a few close family friends and rotated houses each year. Every year was full of fun! It's changed over the last 20 years; People moved, kids grew up, and two chairs sit empty at our table. We've been spending the last ten Thanksgivings at my parents' house and we've added a few new faces to the mix. One thing remains, we come together for a night of good food, good conversation, and good times! 

Gobble gobble, ya'll! 

Apple pie, anyone?

Apple pie, anyone?

Thankful Thought #18

18. I'm thankful for pie and all the wonderful flavors there are in the world. Really deep thought today, I know. 

What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?


Dressing the Turkey

And by turkey I really mean me.

If you're like me and you're traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving, of course you have to think about what you're going to wear. Packing can stress me out sometimes. I pull out way too many options most of the time and I'm left with an oversized bag full of things I'll never wear.

In my attempt to be better at this, I did a little window shopping online at some of favorite spots. My only requirement: lycra. 

Seriously, if I'm going to be enjoying this delicious meal and probably a second helping, pie included, I need to feel comfortable so spandex it is!

Some great stretch jeans and a super gorgeous blousey top like this one from Madewell would be a great easy look for a relaxed lunch. 

Picture from Madewell.com - Click for link! 

Picture from Madewell.com - Click for link! 

What about this top from Landry Kate? I spotted it on Instagram the other day and I've been thinking about how that would look with a sweet pair of brown booties. 

Picture from LandryKate.com - Click for link! 

Picture from LandryKate.com - Click for link! 

I'm really drooling over this patchwork shirt dress from Anthropologie! How amazing is this piece?!

Picture from anthropologie.com - Click for link! 

Picture from anthropologie.com - Click for link! 

So in love, I can't help it! Sometimes you don't want formal but jeans are too casual. This dress would work well! 

If you're going more formal, you might need something with a more chic feel. How about this sweet peplum sweater from Loft for a more sophisticated look? I can see this with pearls and a great set of black boots! 

Picture from Loft.com - Click for link! 

Picture from Loft.com - Click for link! 

Gorgeous clothing for a relaxed Thanksgiving meal. Now to convince Pyro Man that I need to go shopping...

What are you planning on wearing this Thanksgiving?

Thankful Thought #16 & 17

#16. I'm grateful for lycra. Best. Material. Ever! Not only do I get to wear it everyday for work because yes, my job is that awesome BUT I can also throw an awesome top over a sweet pair of black leggings and strut my stuff down the street. Love that. 

#17. I'm thankful for my little orange fuzzy motor, Honey. My Honey-kins is truly my cat, a one woman kitty who loves completely. She fusses all the time, snuggles up close, lays across all my papers, hugs me when I hold her, purrs non-stop and steals my hair ties. I love that she comes when I call her, waits patiently for me while I shower, and loves to rub on my feet before bed. I can't imagine a single day without my perfect kitty. 


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Thankful Thought #15

15. Today I am SO thankful for COFFEE! I can't imagine a morning without it. Actually, I can because I have before and it's called a headache. Just awful. In college I had the brilliant idea of giving up coffee for Lent and switched to tea. That was almost as bad as the time I gave up peanut butter. I don't recommend either. 

Half-caf, decaf, full strength, pumpkin flavor, peppermint, sugar, cream, black, hot cold, steamed, iced. However you like it, whatever you need, enjoy a cup today and praise the caffeine gods for the sweet nectar of energy! 



The first musical I was ever in was "Showboat" and I fell in love with it completely. How much more of a southern name can you get than Magnolia? PS, those flowers are gorgeous! I would love to have a magnolia tree in my backyard some day. But I'm not writing about about a flower or character today. No m'am sir! I'm talking about the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas! 

My big sister came up with this brilliant plan to hop down to Waco for a day trip and see what all the excitement was about. A quick group text between Mom and our Aunt Diana and the whole thing was set! 

Dad saw us off with a big breakfast at Le Madeline (Thanks, Dad!)!. 

We all piled into my car and off we went! 

A short two hour drive and a trolley ride and we were there! I'll admit, I don't actually watch Fixer Upper--I'm afraid I'll dive down a demolition hole I won't be able to recovery from. All the ideas for redo's will be too much for my poor husband right now!  I've enjoyed reading about Joanna and Chip Gaines and I certainly liked their style.  Without being a huge fan of the show, I didn't know what to expect from this place but I figured it out pretty quick! 

We made it! Upon seeing this picture I'm starting to seriously consider getting a selfie stick...

We made it! Upon seeing this picture I'm starting to seriously consider getting a selfie stick...

Here's what to expect: people. Lots and lots of people! The lines inside the actual marketplace were long and it was wall to wall people. As soon as you saw something of interest, it was snatched up by a quickly moving shopper. Just when you thought said item was gone, a store clerk had already replaced it. The way that place operated was amazing! 

Of course the merchandise was incredible, farm house and rustic looking, very much the in style and one I like a lot. I kept wandering around taking it all in, trying to remember what I could do to improve my own home decor. 

We didn't really stick around long in the market place for too long. It's definitely not a spot you can linger and peruse for while; it's a hot spot with tons of folks wanting to make their purchases quickly. 

There were several food trucks that lined the inside of the marketplace with all sorts of decadent options including a small trailer for their bakery. Excellent cupcakes! 

We had a peanut butter chocolate cupcake and split the lemon lavender, a sweet surprise we all really enjoyed! 

The coolest part of this place is the giant lawn full of corn hole games, soccer balls and footballs, and even several swing sets. Kids were running around playing, men throwing footballs back and forth and everyone of all ages jumped on the swing sets. They had great big porch swings out where cute couples cozied up on and picnic tables with black and white stripped covers full of people savoring their lunches and treats. 

We took a tour through the garden, incredibly beautiful. Nature is already amazingly beautiful but what people can do and what they put together using gorgeous herbs and plants, I'm amazed all over again!  

Cutest little fairy gardens! 

Cutest little fairy gardens! 

It was such a fun experience and we all had a great time spending the day together in a cool hub. I'm sure some day I'll want to go back but I'm looking forward to the next adventure, Pioneer Woman's Mercantile store in Pawhuska, OK!

Overall, one awesome girls trip to Waco! Can't wait for the next one! 

Thankful Thought #10

10. I'm really glad that I'm just a drive away from family. I can hop in the car and spend a couple days with the people I love and get back home without much more than a traffic issue. Not many people live close enough to do that so I'm pretty thankful for that.  

Got a place you're dying to take a day trip to see?