A Hunting We Will Go

It's the last free weekend Pyro Man and I have together before the holidays kick into high gear. He thought it might be fun to go on a hunting excursion together before we get busy with end of the year stuff. I've got a show, he's got shows, and then there's the holidays so a hunting we will go! 

I'm super excited to sit in the cold. Can't you tell? 

Actually, sitting in the stand with my man has it's perks. I get to spend time with him, share in his interests and occasionally annoy him by being too loud. Hunting is still a new world to me. I may have gone on my first hunt seven years ago, but I've only seen the tip of the ice berg. There's just so much more to learn, but I'm interested.

There's a lot more to hunting than just grabbing your gun and sitting in a stand. What's really cool is that Pyro Man wants to include me in it, too. 

I'm sure I'll get the hang of it all in time. I'm definitely much more comfortable in camo these days, a statement I never thought I'd ever say in my entire life. 

Thankful Thought #19

19. I'm thankful for long underwear on cold, cold mornings in the stand.  I'm not above flannel lined jeans either. Seriously, ain't no reason to sit and shiver if there are layers to be worn, stylish or not! 

What are you guys up to this weekend?