Let the Shopping Begin!

As a kid I loved shopping for Christmas gifts. I couldn't wait until I was old enough to do the surprising, shopping, and wrapping myself! Because it's Christmas, you've got to make this a whole experience with specials scents, good drinks and snacks and of course, Christmas music. Usually I like to wait until I'm really in the season spirit do all things Christmas, shopping, wrapping, etc. 

Well, that ship has sailed. No more waiting for the mood because let me tell you, the mood comes and goes. This is a crazy busy time of year and it's impossible to put off and wait. Now I'm starting to see the light in shopping early and getting things prepped before Thanksgiving hits the table. 

This year I'm really focused on the kiddos for gifts--with Janson back in school we're being more strategic in our purchases. I'm on the hunt for things I know the nieces and nephews will love but will also bring a little more practicality to their little lives.  

For my sweet little niece, she's takin' a shine to dance (I can't say my little heart doesn't explode just knowing this) so I've picked out a beautiful new leotard, tights, and some beautiful ballet shoes for the spring. I wrapped up the shoes in a sparkly pink stocking with a ballerina doll that I gave to her at Thanksgiving. I wanted her to have new ballet shoes for her first Nutcracker performance! The rest will be waiting for her under the tree. 

Definitely something she'll appreciate and get some use out of this spring! 

For my youngest nephew, well, he's a busy little guy and into a lot already. I spied some cute wooden race cars at Target and I've been thinking it might be wonderful to get him something that moves with him. How about a train set with a track? 

It's small so it doesn't take up much space plus it's something his big sister to help him build and play with, too. Best part is, if he loves it we can add on more tracks or trains for his birthday in April! 

I have three more precious kiddos to think about and I know how much their parents want to share more experiences with them than toys. I love that they enjoy getting their kids involved in activities--it makes me think creatively as a gift giver but knowing these kids, they love to go out and do just about anything! They've been gifted with museum school and and zoo school before and loved it! For their spring birthdays, I'm thinking some help with pool passes would be awesome! 

For Christmas though, we're going with Fandango gift cards! Take the kids to a new hot movie that's out and make it a family outing for everyone! Add some treats, popcorn, a soda, and you've got yourself a right nice afternoon.

We're also thinking about some favorite children's books for family read alongs. I found an awesome book, American Tall Tales, filled with great stories for my rough and tumble nephews. I'm sure they'll love learning about Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan!

I'm feeling pretty good about the kids gifts this year! Now it's time to start wrapping and baking up all the goodies that make it feel like the holidays. Cheers, y'all! 

What are some of your Christmas gift ideas this year? 



Friday Five: February Spring Fever

Ya'll. It's February and the weather is crazy warm right now. My tulips and hyacinths are already popping up, it's that warm. What's the deal, Mother Nature?! I thought we'd get a couple more weeks of chilly weather before plunging into Spring--not that I mind. My wardrobe just isn't ready yet is all. 

I'm starting to day dream about all the cuteness for this season and I'm drooling over many pieces from Anthropologie, my favorite store. I'm a huge fan of the store (even if my pocketbook isn't) and I couldn't help but start searching through their latest arrivals. Of course, I fell in love with everything. Here are my top five favorites...for today. 

Friday Five:

Spring Shopping Fever

1. Floral Jumpsuit

 I ran across this little ditty and squealed out loud. This just screams "spring!" to me!

Image found on www.anthropologie.com. 

2. Blue Dresses

I'm a huge fan of blue, obviously. These caught my eye immediately! How chic and feminine the lace is, I love it. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.antrhopologie.com. If only this dress wasn't a petite! It would be beautiful for Easter! 

Image from www.antrhopologie.com. If only this dress wasn't a petite! It would be beautiful for Easter! 

3. Kimonos and Cardigans

I love the idea of kimonos over beautiful simple tops. It's comfortable and flowing all at the same time. PS, check out the shoes! 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

4. Ballerina Skirt

Chic, classic, elegant, pink, lovely....I could go on, but simply put, I adore this look. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

5. Butterfly Jewelry

Can you get much more spring like with these gorgeous necklaces? Literally a necklace of butterflies in the most ethereal way. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

Image from www.anthropologie.com. 

What's your latest screams "spring!" to you?

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