Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday today!

I don’t you about you, but I’m feeling…thirty two!

OK, so I stole a little T-Swift and changed it up a bit. I think that song had just hit it’s peak when Big Sister turned 32 and I called her up to sing my updated version. Now it’s my turn to hum it all day long. I might hum it all year long, we’ll see.

But yes, I’m 32 years old and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have enjoyed my thirties so much so far and I think they’re only going to keep getting better! I’ve got a full day of me things to do starting with cycle, a full body massage, dinner with my man and plans for a celebratory glass of wine. I can’t think of anything better.

Oh wait, yes I can!

A Saturday trip to Pawhuska to visit Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile store, a lunch date at her restaurant, a tour of the Lodge where all the magic happens, and final stop to eat at her newest business, Charlie’s Sweet Shop. It’s my Oklahoma version of Disney World and lucky duck me, it’s happening tomorrow. I. Can’t. Wait.

Happy birthday to me! It’s going to be a good day, y’all!


Favorites Right Now

It’s finally Spring! Ever since the snow thawed I’ve been dying for more warmer weather. Not that we’ve had a ton of snow, but we’ve had a ton of cold weather and I’m ready for some sunshine! Happily, that’s what Mother Nature is gracing us with these days.

OK, so now that’s it’s officially spring, here’s all I’ve been loving these lately that’s put me in a perfect spring mood!

Sweet Ice Tea

My man makes the best sweet tea and we’ve been brewing a fresh batch every couple of days in this pitcher by Pioneer Woman . I use her recipe for lemonade, too, and you can bet I’ll be making a ton this summer! Glasses to match only make the tea that much sweater!

White Tennis Shoes

I’ve been eyeing these white slip-on tennis shoes from Rothy’s, but those just don’t fit the budget right now. I do have some cute slip on’s I picked up from Target last year, these are a close second. And if you’re looking for something in between, these Keds will do the trick. They’re great to throw on with jeans or comfy to wear with a long maxi.

Bombas Socks

OK, no joke, these ultra low no-show socks have changed my shoe life! My great slip on’s I just told you about, well, they used to rub the back of my heels until I got these golden socks! .They have a little sticky on the inside heel part to keep them from slipping. They feel great, don’t fall off, and best part, they actually don’t show! Win-win-win!

Jean Jacket & Scarves

Well, we’re no totally out of the winter weather yet, spring officially arrives March 20th, but I know we’re still going to have some cool breezes until about late April. Cue the jean jacket, warm enough to block the wind, cool enough to layer over some white jeans or capris. I love my oversized one (got on a heck of deal this fall) and my shorter one from Marshalls still comes in handy (see a well made one here). A decent priced one from Old Navy or even Target if you’re on a budget.

Until we start hitting the higher digits, I’m still wearing scarves, dang it! Love, love this one and it’s spring green color! This one reminds me of the Gal Meets Glam ones.

Curvy Jeans

I tried shopping for some jeans at Madewell recently because I was in desperate need of a new pair, but after seeing the price tag, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. In any case, I popped next door to LOFT and found these babies, aka the best jeans on a budget! They fit well, don’t fall down and my booty looks aces in them. Seriously. Last note, LOFT always has sales so you should be able to get a good price for them.

Happy spring, y’all!


Spring Break Tunes

Hey-o! It’s March which means it’s officially Spring Break season! I’ve got one more week of classes and then I’ve got a few days off, whoop whoop!

Spring Break just screams “road trip!” to me. Maybe that’s because we used to pack it up and head to Lubbock to see family every spring break. It just feels like the right thing to do; roll the windows down, get a bunch of snacks, a fountain coke maybe and crank up the tunes!

In honor of this road trippin’ season, heres a playlist of some of my more well played songs from the last couple months!

Enjoy, y’all!


Life Lately - Episode 1

Ya'll. We're just about to the half-way point of April which means we're that much closer to then end of a semester which means we're that much closer to my birthday. I mean, by that logic, my birthday is practically tomorrow! 

Well...maybe not, but it all feels like it's happening so soon! I always love this time of year. It's a time of change, a vibration that hums all around me. Quite literally I feel the change in the air, the cool breeze mixed with the warm sun and it stirs my soul into thinking there's something coming around the corner. I just absolutely love that! 

In the midst of this seasonal change, I have been busy (read: buried) with grading and projects for work per usual at this time of year. The slow down comes after grades are due and then I gear up for summer work and fall preparation. To help me focus on those important to-do's, I've stepped back from technology a little bit and that's actually been really easy and really hard at the same time. 

My hand just reaches for the phone or the mouse just clicks on a new tab for facebook and before I know it, there are precious minutes gone. But then I can get engrossed in something so completely I don't even feel the need to scroll. I'm working on finding a better balance with that. 

OK--so! In the midst of grading and avoiding social media binges, what the heck have I been doing? Well, there hasn't been much time for a whole heck of a lot lately, but I've been trying.

I started reading Cultivate What Matters and enjoying every word. I really like Lara Casey so much and find her really inspirational. Pyro Man and I have been watching our little garden grow in the garage, waiting for this crazy Oklahoma weather to calm down for a moment so we can plant everything outside. We're going to get hit with another freeze this weekend...Mother Nature. 

I finally picked my afghan project back up--I've got a ways to go on all my granny squares but I find the work easy to do and very calming at the end of the night. Making time, even a small amount, for the things that bring me joy has been just a practice lately. 

So, that's life lately--nothing spectacular, completely ordinary. Sometimes I wish I had a jet setting life, traveling all over and constantly busy with amazing fabulous projects. Who doesn't want some adventure in their life, right? That's not my season right now and it's perfectly okay. This season is about letting go of the phone, enjoying the now, and making time for all those things I want to do, but couldn't because I lost it to scrolling. 

Here's to more living and less scrolling! 

Happy Friday, ya'll! 


Spring Time Gift

Ah, spring time! My favorite time of year! I do love a good fall day and all that comes with it, but there's something about spring. It's a time to refresh and begin again! Flowers are everywhere and the weather warms up beautifully! That is, unless you've been living in the north east and then you're been enduring some serious winter snow lately. Sorry, y'all! 

Yep, spring time is definitely my favorite time of year. Then again, it's also one of the busier times, too. We just got out of our week long spring break and are back at it again and dear readers, it does not slow down one bit between now and May! Even though I know every spring is like this, I was still in a bit of slump this week feeling as though I'm not retaining anything. It's going so fast! 

While my to-do list is long and it's packed with many things that take time, there's something that keeps sneaking into my day to day and sucking away time. On top of that, it's teaching me to whizz through things that I normally savor like reading a good article and taking time to study and look at something. If you guessed social media, you would be correct!

Sometimes I can't believe how sucked I get into staring at a screen and how much I use it as an escape or reward myself with it as a break. It bothered me so much I decided to see how I do with a few changes this week: 

1. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. I don't really use Facebook so much as scroll and honestly, I much prefer Instagram. If I'm mindlessly scrolling on something I don't use or care for, why do I still have it? Out goes the app and the temptation to waste away a good ten minutes multiple times a day. 

2. Phone stays stored when I'm busy. If I'm working, it can live in out of sight. I don't need to carry it with me to every room in the house and I definitely don't need it in my hand all the time. It just needs to be near by and ready to pick up a call or make a call, that's all I really need. 

3. I'm going to make a conscious effort for checking in. I don't think I'll give up social media 100% any time soon, I do enjoy using it when it's intentional, but I do think setting a timer would help me immensely. No more random check-in's, I'm going to set a specific amount of time to enjoy it and let that be it for the day! 

4. Slow the heck down! When I scroll I truly feel like sometimes my fingers just keep scrolling and my mind is not processing things that I'm seeing or reading. It's like unconsciously eating endless chips and salsa--consuming copious amounts of material without even realizing how much I inhaled just leaves me feeling way too full and in disbelief. "What do you mean I ate three baskets of chips?!" I have no clue what I saw or what it said, butI looked at it...I think. Nope. No more. I don't like that habit and I don't like that I can feel skimming creeping into other parts of my life. Nope, nope, nope. Time to start reading and slowing down--there's no rush or need to see it all! 

I'm giving myself a week to try these things and see how I do. Forming habits takes more time but I think baby steps is what I need right now because good grief, this habit has been practiced for way too long now. 

I love getting to read people posts and see everyone's life through pictures, but when I do it multiple times a day, it's too much. Then my subconcious is telling me checking in on other people's life is more important than living my own. I don't believe that's my intention but I find I'm losing time I would rather spend on doing things that bring me joy or working towards my goal or dreaming up my next step all because I'm constantly checking in. 

It's time to get my time back. Perhaps less little interruptions will add up to a whole lot more time spent savoring what's not on my to-do list! 

Does social media steal away your time, too? What are you tips and tricks? 



Bloom & Grow

We plotted our garden this week, finally! I have to give my Pyro Man so much credit when it comes to our garden dreams. He's really good about making those things happen--I can dream them up and design them in my head, but actually making it happen seems like the hurdle I always miss. 

This year we ordered our seeds from an online store called Pinetree Garden Seeds. They sell heirloom seeds which is pretty awesome and we loved the variety they had in stock so we took a chance and ordered a bunch of different vegetables and flowers. All we had to do after that was plant them! 

Into their little dirt pod they went...


We're trying for roma tomatoes, golden yellow cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and another round of cucumbers. I had gorgeous sunflowers and zinnias last year so we bought a different variety to try. Strawberry blonde sunflowers and cherry & ivory zinnias, cut & come again zinnias, and Pyro Man wanted to try Dahlias. I also picked up a packet of pink perfume lavender. 


Now all we do is water, wait, and watch for them to grow! I still want some herbs, but we're going to wait on those until April or May, pick some of the already grown bunches from Home Depot. I love having cilantro in the garden for homemade salsa and basil for homemade pizza. Even some rosemary is nice for a roast chicken dish or just to break up in your hands. 

Our little grow station is out in the garage. Grow, babies, grow! 

Our little grow station is out in the garage. Grow, babies, grow! 

I always wanted a nice backyard with a garden I could go and pick things from, but it took me a while to enjoy and appreciate the actual planting process. My family spent many of weekends shopping for plants in the spring, cleaning up the flower beds, and laying out new pallets of grass. It honestly did not interest me then. I had rehearsals to get to, homework or projects to do. 

The end product was always stunning. A ring of color around our giant tree in the backyard. A gorgeous carpet of emerald green laid out from backdoor to fence. A decorative display of fresh blooms on the picnic table. Yes, the result from a Saturday's worth of hard work was incredibly beautiful to see and I loved it. The finished picture I loved. It was the work to make it happen I would skip... 


What a metaphor for life right? If you want something to grow, you have to put the work in and tend to it. Just dreaming about it won't make it happen and if you don't work and water your dream, well, then it won't grow to it's full potential. Time and care and hard work really do make a difference. 

When Pyro Man and I got married, he thought it would be great to decorate our apartment balcony with plants. Before long it was covered in flowers, herbs, and baby avocado trees he grew from seeds. He loved it and he helped bring me into by learning what to plant and how and then taught me. When we got our little rental house he pulled out a dog run and built a giant salsa garden and boy howdy, how it grew! We had some many plants that flourished and it was beautiful to see. 

I just love seeing the garden flourish and grow--it's my favorite thing to go out and see what's coming up next and what's sprouting or is ready to be picked. It's like magic, something new you didn't see before! 

It's one thing to dream about something and quite another to make it happen. I'm so glad I have a partner who dreams with me and helps me to get the ball rolling. I can't wait to see what our little garden will turn out like this summer, but you can bet I'll be enjoying the fruits of our labor to the fullest extent!  

Gummy worms seemed like the appropriate garden plotting snack. 

Gummy worms seemed like the appropriate garden plotting snack. 

Who else does the garden thing? What do you like to grow?


Spring, Is that You?

This weekend was such a spring tease. I know it's only January and we've got a couple more months of winter left, but I'm ready, y'all. I'm ready for the spring flowers, the warmer weather, and the change in wardrobe! 

 I can tell from all the email ads coming through that retailers are getting ready to roll out the spring fashion here pretty quick. This weekend I went shopping and it seemed like almost everyone had some super sale going on, cleaning out the winter gear and pushing out front the beginnings of the spring lines. This clearly did not help my small spike of spring fever. 

In fact, I've already started perusing my favorite sites for spring inspiration. Like this little get up: 

Anthropologie , I think you're swell! 

Anthropologie, I think you're swell! 

Love the causal look with hose amazing slip-on's and earrings! And then see this?

You did it again,  Anthro ! 

You did it again, Anthro

It's comfy and it's the perfect shade of gold. I feel like this should somehow find it's way into my closet. And then there's this: 

Loft , you are definitely a favorite. I love your clothes and I freaking love your sales! 

Loft, you are definitely a favorite. I love your clothes and I freaking love your sales! 

I love this floaty top and how fun and flirty it is. Can I pair a blazer over it? Oh yeah. Can I wear it with jeans OR a skirt? You bet your sweet patootie you can! Will it last me spring, summer, and fall? I'm thinking so! 

*Sigh* And it's only January which means my spring fever will probably be a total outbreak come April! 

What spring styles are you looking forward to?





See Ya Later, Spring Semester!

Y'all, it's FRIDAY!!

Whoop whoop! The students had finals all week and I've been grading like a mad woman, locked myself in my office and made a little nest for myself on the floor. I even have some ocean sounds playing in the background to keep me focused and sane. I wish I were kidding, but that stuff actually does work. Try it some time, let me know how it goes. 

It's the end of another term and even though there's still a half-page of to-do's to be done, I can step back enough to say this was a good year. Sure, there are always lessons to be learned, no year is ever the same and just when I think I have it figured out, there's something new around the corner. It will never stop, that's just life. Still, I got to teach some awesome kids, watched a lot of growth in them, stretched myself in fresh classes, and even choreographed more than I expected, including a dinosaur dance. For reals. 

Sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in thinking about next year. I've already got my summer list going of things to prep for August. I know. It's MAY and I'm already into fall. It's part of the job and it's hard to turn off the part of my brain that wants to improve everything, smooth out the kinks, try harder and fix what I knew I can do better. I really don't sit down and think about the good things that happened during the school year or even after. 

I think it's good to look back, otherwise you're rushing through everything and you've forgotten to soak up the important stuff. So, I think as a little treat to myself, as a way to stop and smell the roses before the craziness begins again, I'm taking a few minutes to jot down the good things from this school year. I already know what needs to be edited and fixed. No brainer on that. But I want to remember all the wonderful moments that made this year a good one. And it was a very good year. 

My little Passion Planner let's me keep track of everything including the memories from the year. 

My little Passion Planner let's me keep track of everything including the memories from the year. 

If you're ending your semester as a teacher or student, what's something wonderful that stands out as a beautiful memory? 


It's Gonna Be May!

Happy May Day, Y'all! 

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful day celebrating a new month! Actually, it's my favorite month, really.  So many wonderful things to come! There's final's week (almost there!), the start of summer break, Mother's day, and my favorite day of all, my birthday! And y'all, it's going to be a good one this year! Oh what a wonderful month to look forward to! 


Coral Cold Shoulder

Sometimes you gotta give 'em the cold shoulder. 

And then a wicked happy smile because, hey, I'm really loving these style right now! The cut out shoulder just adds some fun for these gorgeous spring days. 

This dress is so comfy and breezy and pretty friendly on the budget. I'm definitely a Target shopper--I can't help by take a pass through their clothes and find something that I need! I especially adore their Knox Rose collection. 

Throw on some glamorous earrings and spruce it up with a sweet pom-pom duster like this one. I picked mine up at a cute boutique in Graham, Texas called The Tattered Pearl. I actually worse this dress for Easter with a my fringed cardigan over it and a different pair of tan wedges. Worked perfectly for a whimsical church dress and no fussing with it during mass! Win-win, people! 

This is one outfit that made me pleased as punch to wear and when an outfit does that, you can't help but strut it out! 

Got anything in your closet right now that does the same?