Back At It

The semester starts today and I can’t even believe it’s really time. Summer was too short, it went to quickly, I’m not fully ready, but it is what it is, the time is here and I’m as ready as I’ll be for the week.

So, here’s to the first day back!

May our coffee be strong and our Monday’s be short!


Cheers to a new year!


Back to School Hopes

Dear Fall Semester, 

It's time we meet again. I can't believe it's already back to school, but you and I both know you seem to come around too soon. It's just your nature. 

This year I'm hoping you could take into account a few hopes I have for this semester. Just mere wishes or prayers, requests for a good start to the year, positive thoughts to put out for your consideration: 

Let this be a good start to a fulfilling year for everyone who walks into a classroom. 

Let the work be meaningful, the frustrations be small, the improvements be grand and the lessons be clear. 

Let there be more cookies and surprise treats in the break room. 

Let there be happiness in the time given, the earnest of efforts made, and the process of the projects exciting. 

Let there be a lot more laughing and less griping. 

Let there be a sweet friends with an open doors to walk through. 

Let there be plenty of concealor, hair ties, and red lipstick around for when the work gets tough.

Let confidence grow from those moments of doubt. 

Let the times of victory last as long as possible. 

Let the coffee pot always be hot and the brew always be strong. 

Let the joy of what we do shine out and spill over all. 

Let there be positivity in every word we say and actual effort to do better and try harder the next time. 

Let the favorite leggings never fade and computers never crash. 

Let the inspiration from the "aha!" moments fuel us to keep going. 

Let the tap shoes be loud, the buns be high and jazz hands be strong. 

Most importantly, let us not forget how lucky we are to do what we love. 



Already starting the year with a laugh--can't beat that! 

Already starting the year with a laugh--can't beat that! 


Christmas Jams

I'm spending a lot of time at work grading, writing letters, reading papers, and jotting down ideas for the spring. All that time in my office, I need something to just keep me feeling light and joyful despite the ever growing list of to-do's. This particular time of year is usually made easier with the help of some good ol' classic Christmas music. 

I whipped a quick playlist of my favorite albums to listen to this time of year. I swear they help me work faster without getting irritated by the same old carols. Let's be honest, this is a season we don't need to feel irritated. I want to by joyous in celebrating this Christmas spirit! And if I have to spend three solids weeks bringing in a show, grading millions of papers, projects and wrapping up a semester, well, by golly, I'm going to do it to some incredibly soothing yet seasonal music! 

I have a few albums from my childhood I love to play in the background, just classical style Christmas tunes that help me focus and feel cheerful. When it comes to reading papers and editing work, I will get way too distracted with too many lyrics--I can't help but break out in song! At the same time you can't have Christmas music without a few sing alongs. Just had to make sure they were ones that didn't (a) pull me off task or (b) grate the nerves! I think these artists will do just fine though! 

Happy listening to all and to all a happy weekend! 

What are some of your favorite holidays albums? 


See Ya Later, Spring Semester!

Y'all, it's FRIDAY!!

Whoop whoop! The students had finals all week and I've been grading like a mad woman, locked myself in my office and made a little nest for myself on the floor. I even have some ocean sounds playing in the background to keep me focused and sane. I wish I were kidding, but that stuff actually does work. Try it some time, let me know how it goes. 

It's the end of another term and even though there's still a half-page of to-do's to be done, I can step back enough to say this was a good year. Sure, there are always lessons to be learned, no year is ever the same and just when I think I have it figured out, there's something new around the corner. It will never stop, that's just life. Still, I got to teach some awesome kids, watched a lot of growth in them, stretched myself in fresh classes, and even choreographed more than I expected, including a dinosaur dance. For reals. 

Sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in thinking about next year. I've already got my summer list going of things to prep for August. I know. It's MAY and I'm already into fall. It's part of the job and it's hard to turn off the part of my brain that wants to improve everything, smooth out the kinks, try harder and fix what I knew I can do better. I really don't sit down and think about the good things that happened during the school year or even after. 

I think it's good to look back, otherwise you're rushing through everything and you've forgotten to soak up the important stuff. So, I think as a little treat to myself, as a way to stop and smell the roses before the craziness begins again, I'm taking a few minutes to jot down the good things from this school year. I already know what needs to be edited and fixed. No brainer on that. But I want to remember all the wonderful moments that made this year a good one. And it was a very good year. 

My little Passion Planner let's me keep track of everything including the memories from the year. 

My little Passion Planner let's me keep track of everything including the memories from the year. 

If you're ending your semester as a teacher or student, what's something wonderful that stands out as a beautiful memory?