Thankful Thought

Happy November, y'all! With the time change in full swing and a new chill in the air, I'm ready to welcome my most favorite holiday season, Thanksgiving!

Sure we say thanks every Sunday (maybe) or pass a moment of grace over our dinners (potentially). Yeah and we thank our lucky stars our phone didn't actually shatter the last time we accidentally dropped it (oh definitely!). But Thanksgiving, that's a day that is specifically set aside to gather with those you love, take hands, say thanks, and dig into some darn good grub! 

SO in honor of this month of gratefulness, I'll share some of my thankful thoughts this season. Silly, serious, it doesn't matter! It's all stuff I'm glad to have in my life! 

Thankful Thought for the Day

Today, not starting off to heavy, I'm thankful for the fur creatures. Sure, Penny has eaten through my stash of to-do lists and Honey has occasionally been known to leave a hairball in my shoes. Layla, yeah, she ate my lunch salad just yesterday...Still, I'm glad to have my fuzzy orange motor curl up to me on the couch and see the gray kitty peer into my eyes every morning.  Coming home to an enthusiastic welcome from a hyperactive pup makes me feel pretty dang loved. 

I'm never too far from a good snuggle and when I really need it, a woobie toy is always there. Wait.  What? Hmmm, maybe not... Hairballs, slobbery surprise kisses, I'm thankful for it all and grateful for the unconditional love these animals provide! 

What are you thankful today?