Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday. Therefore it's time for an appropriate Throw Back Thursday. So today, to continue this newly invented tradition, here is my throwback: Colorado, baby. 

I miss the trees. 

I miss the beautiful creatures. 

I miss the peacefulness. 

OK--that's not really a picture of peacefulness, it's just a shot of my handsome husband that I just had to sneak in here!! 

The trip may be over, but lucky for me I have this fun video of quick moments over those glorious five days!

Might not have the perfect video or editing equipment and I might have annoyed Pyro Man with the camera, only a time...or two. You know what though? I'm so glad I did. Now I have pictures of our time up in the mountains and a fun video of clips strung together, some of my favorite moments with my little family. 

So forgive the shaky camera, the blunt cuts, and some of the fuzziness. It's just a sneak peek at what was for me a perfect vacation!  

What's your favorite family vacation spot?