Tied Up

Hair ties. Hairbands. They're an every day necessity, truly. 

I don't like my hair in my face when I teach dance and too often I get into intense work sessions where I need my hair pulled back. So when I say these little hair elastics are necessary, I mean it AND I'm sure most women would agree with me on that. 

I'm a purist at heart, too. Simple bands are all I need, but lately I've gotten bored of the standard athletic elastic headbands and my plain ol' black ponytail holders. Some of those packets can be expensive though and for what I'm paying, I want to LOVE those colors, not just kinda-sorta-stand them. What's a girl to do, right?

Well, I'll tell you what I did--I went out and made some. That's right, I made some and they turned out to be a really simple project, too! 

Your local Hobby Lobby or fabric store will have rolls of elastic ribbon you can pick up. It's a matter of measuring and stitching together or tying off. See? Simple! Five minutes, that's all you need, I swear! 

Simple Instructions

I found that 18.5 inches of ribbon worked well for my headbands according my head measurements. You can measure your own headbands out, double the length and try that if it works for you. I stitched the ends together, leaving a little tail, no more than a quarter of an inch, and made sure to back stitch for strength.

About 5 inches of ribbon was used for the hair ties and wrapped together at the ends to form the knot. Again, you can measure your favorite ponytail holders--just fold in half, measure, and double the length before knotting. Nothing to it. You can burn the ends, too, so the ribbon doesn't fray. 

I picked out several styles of ribbon; feminine, cute, wild, and sparkly. It's a couple bucks for a roll of ribbon which means I could make multiples if they broke, I lost one, wore it out, share with friends, or if my cat ate it (true story). 

There's nothing earth shattering about this project--it's just an easy and simple one that might add a little somethin'-somethin' to your spring outfits or workout wear. If you'll excuse me, I've got to make a new ponytail holder, since my cat just chewed up my favorite one. Gross. 

What's your favorite 5 minute project to make?