Two Weeks

Y'all. I'm two weeks out from a pretty special day. My day, actually. My birthday and good grief, it's a big one šŸ˜³

PS--JUST figured out I can put emojis in this sucker. My world is forever changed. šŸŒŽ Just kidding, but I'm seriously going to have to restrain myself.

Back to the story! I'm actually really looking forward to this next birthday. I have always looked forward to this one with hope that it's going to be a start to a new decade being that much more content with life. I remember being 18, 19 and reading InStyle articles about Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner just living in their thirties, embracing the lessons and feeling wiser, more in love with their life and their bodies and so forth. I mean, they made 30 sound AWESOME, am I right? 

You know, I loved my twenties, truly. They weren't a wild rumpus of running around a major city, living the life of a show gypsy like I thought I'd have, BUT I still had my own adventures. I actually got so much more out of them that I think really prepared me for this next decade. More on that later. 

So yes, I'm turning 30 (I just said it out loud and it's that much more real. Oof.) and I'm really excited for the next phase. I'm skipping all the articles about "Things to Do In Your Twenties" and moving on to "This is Thirty" stories which include gobs of information about holding on to youthful skin. Now I'm on a tear to protect my fair porcelain epidermis and I keep reading my twenties were supposed to be prep time to start the prevention in my thirties. What the heck, man? So now I'm LATE to the party when I just arrived?! Am I too late now? 

Hopefully not. I'm scouring posts and articles trying to find the best nighttime cream that I'm apparently supposed to have been using for years now. And what the heck is retinoid anyway? There's 50,000 types of eye cream--which one do you pick and why are they all a million dollars a piece? What happened to just plain ol' moisturizer, huh?! Seriously. Send help. I'm drowning in beauty articles. 

Basically, this is my introduction to a new decade. Embrace yourself but be sure to slather on the cream first. Lordy, Lordy, I am so about to be thirty. šŸ™†

Two week count down begins! Things are gettin' real up in here..

Two week count down begins! Things are gettin' real up in here..

Best birthday tradition for yourself: Go!