Joys of Cooking

I have a need to host and by that I mean gather people together to share in meals and good conversation. I get it from my mom. That and the love of all things kitchen related. 

Mom has always been the person to include all and have them over for a meal. Whether it was a Tuesday night or Christmas, it didn't matter. She loves making a meal and sharing it with those she cares for. Everyone gathers in the kitchen while we finish up the meal and then sit down to a memory making moment. Between bites we chat, share stories, and comment over the food, eagerly awaiting the grand finale, dessert! The kitchen has always been the heart of a home, the people it's life blood. 

I have always enjoyed filling my kitchen table with friends and family. It's just me for a lot of meals these days, Pyro Man's work being out of state makes family dinners about a once a month occurrence. I've found other ways to enjoy sharing a meal with those around me though. All I can say is thank goodness for co-workers! 

Monday I whipped up a couple loaves of pumpkin bread and brought one loaf up to school for my colleagues. By Tuesday it was all gone. Yesterday I had a need to make chicken soup but it would have been impossible to eat the entire pot myself. A quick text to a couple friends and they had lunch bags with soup and fresh bread waiting for them at work.  

I'm sure they thought I was crazy--what's with the random Tuesday lunch? Well, for me I get joy out of cooking and baking and it's simply not as fun if I can't share it with the people I care about. Thus the random surprises of food at work!

Really, it's a win-win for everybody. They get a delicious snack and I get to enjoy sharing my baking adventure. I can't see anything wrong with that! 

How do you share your joys with others? 

If you want to enjoy this soup recipe, try it here! Very delicious and packed with flavor!