Wedding Cake Bliss

To be perfectly honest, what I was most excited about in the wedding planning process was the cake testing. Forget the dress and flowers, bring on the buttercream frosting, baby! 

Unfortunately and fortunately, the first bakery I chose was so good I didn't have to look any further in selecting a cake. Mind you, I would have been more than happy to continue the search, but I was pretty happy with my selection of The Cake Guys and continuing the search would just have been a waste of precious planning time. 

We were able to put in a tasting order where they prepared a couple of boxes filled with huge slices to try and different icings and fillings to pair up. WARNING: never take your pregnant sister with you in you want to be able to be able to try flavors more than once...

See what I mean? I literally had to put my body in between Big Sister's fork and the cake! Just kidding, we all had a really good time sampling everything and it was all SO good! 

In the end I chose a white cake with buttercream frosting, traditional and simple, yet perfectly delectable! What really made the cake pop was the filling I chose to put inside: dulce de leche. Nope, it was not carmel like at all. It was actually a buttercream frosting flavored with dulce de leche. So dadgum amazing! 

All photos from this slide show taken by Apryl Ann Photography. 

Come our first anniversary, I really wanted to serve our wedding cake as dessert. Problem was we were living in Oklahoma City and our bakery was in Texas. SO, I got creative with Mom and we set out to try and replicate the dulce de leche frosting. How hard could it be? 

Apparently not hard at all! It's really simple and you only need two ingredients. Buttercream frosting and dulce de leche. 

Now, I will say that I prefer my icing homemade--that's just me. But the dulce de leche, well, the first attempt in making it fresh didn't turn out so well so I resorted to using the bottled brand (You can find this is the Mexican food section at the grocery store. I used the Nestle La Lechera Dulce de Leche brand.) Now. If you really want to make that homemade, and I might try it next year, Pioneer Woman has a great recipe here

Buttercream is really easy to make up. For a hard copy, download the recipe here. A standard white box cake was used this time for simplicity since the icing was the main focus. Once the buttercream is ready, the ducle de leche part is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

To get the dulce de leche flavor, add the dulce and continue to mix until consistency is right. More powdered sugar might be necessary to keep the icing thick. A helpful hint is to refrigerate the icing for a time in order for it to set up before adding as the inner layer. 

This will forever be my wedding cake bliss and a sweet reminder of a very happy occasion! 

What if your favorite cake to eat at weddings?