6th Place Winners: AKA, Why Walgreens Rocks

Look here, I came home from a brush up rehearsal this past Thursday to my parents watching a little TV. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. I sat down to visit for a bit when a commercial popped on that had me standing up saying, "YES! THANK YOU WALGREENS! YES!" 

If you haven't seen this one, just take a gander. 

I loved every part of this commercial: the precious dance team and their amazing costumes, the supportive mother, the happy kids and super age appropriate dances (LOVE this, but that's the dance teacher coming out)--it all resinated with me on so many levels.  But I see cute commercials all the time. Why on earth would I start praising the Walgreens corporate office at a full stand in my living room? Two words: 6th place

There was no pouting, no tears of sadness or irate parents, not a single scowl on any face. Just a backseat of happy girls smiling big next to their ginormous 6th place trophy, clearly content and satisfied with their reward. 

A lot of the times we miss the fact that it's not about the trophies, but the experience. Let's face it folks, not everyone needs to get a blue ribbon/platinum/high gold/elite/diamond award and truthfully that's fan-freaking-tastic. 

It's wonderful, in fact! Sometimes it's about getting out there, doing your thing, and just enjoying the heck out of it!  Do the best you can, leave it out there on the floor, and sure as heck have fun with it all! The prize, what can be an honor, doesn't have to be the crux of the whole event. 

If I were to go a little deeper into it all, take it to the next level, the other way to see it might be as a moment to stop and say, "OK. Something isn't working. What can I learn from this experience?" So you didn't get the outcome  that you wanted and your feeling disappointed, OK. Be disappointed and then make a plan to get better. Go beyond the disappointment. What can do you do from here with the experience that you've had? What have you learned? Embrace the gloom then shake it off and answer questions that will project you forward in a positive and productive manner. 

I believe deep down that there has to be a little struggle to find out what hard work is, to make you hungry for something, passionate to work hard enough for that end result. Sometimes you work hard enough to earn that last place, a spot you might not have had at the beginning of your journey and last place will taste just as sweet as first. Either way, people should be proud of their accomplishments whether or not the plaque says 1st or 6th. The title doesn't matter so long as you're getting out of it what you put in. Ah but, I digress. 

This commercial is important for a myriad of reasons--I hope it's a coming trend, I really do. It was refreshing to see a commercial celebrating the joy of a fun and happy experience. The change of focus in this situation just made it all the more memorable for me. So way to go, Walgreens! I applaud you for the brilliant 6th place victory! 

What's an experience that left you feeling great and proud regardless of the title or award? 

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