• Why is it called "Julie Blue"?

Julie Blue is family nickname I've had all my life! 


  • Why do you call your husband "Pyro Man"?

I met my husband backstage at a Mary Kay Convention where I was a dancer and he was a pyro technician. We spent a number of days "eye flirting" but never speaking so I dubbed him as Pyro Man until I finally learned his name. He set my heart on fire and the name has stuck ever since!


  • So you dance? 

Heck yes! I've danced all my life and surprise! My day job is serving as a dance professor! I love to move and groove, but I also love to write hence, my little corner of the world here at Julie Blue Blog! 


  • Do you take all your pictures?

Most photos are taken by me using a Nikon D3200 or my iPhone 7. I'm relatively new to photography so be kind, but I'm figuring it out as I go!