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Being in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to spend my time! I love good food, but what I really love is the process of making a great meal or even better, a fabulous dessert! One of my favorites is right here, these classic chocolate chip cookies! 



I spend a good deal of time in spandex, but I have a great appreciation for beautiful clothes, especially shoes! When I get the chance to dress up, I take full advantage to play up my style. Beautiful, feminine, simple, and most importantly, comfortable! 


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Sharing is letting someone else enjoy your happiness, too! Sometimes that's a great date night, sometimes it's time spent with family or maybe it's just a thought I think you'd like, too. Whatever it may be, know it's me just wanting spread a little joy to you!


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She teaches dance by day, writes by night, all the while really loving her life! 

Hey, I'm Julie! 

Welcome to my blog! I'm Texan by birth and a transplant living in Oklahoma for, well, let's just say a while! I followed my heart's desire to study dance and now I actually get to teach dance on a collegiate level. Pretty cool, huh? 

Second to dancing is my love for writing...and baking...and sharing. That's what you'll find here! Recipes, fashion finds, creations, and some of my own little musings. It's my little slice of heaven where I get to share what brings me joy! 

Go ahead, pull up a chair and take a look around! Stay a while and let me know what you think.

Oh, and thanks so much for checking out my little blog!